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Welcome To My Story

 Hi! I have Glutaric Acidemia Type 1 and my name is Josh Mayfield and I am 35 years old. I founded JKMGA1STORY as a teenager in high school in 1999 it had a really long web address back then. I made it because I wanted to help people with GA1 also known as Glutaric Aciduria Type 1 also know as Glutaric Acidemia Type 1 and to spread awareness about this disorder. I will refer to it as GA1 just because its easier. Now back to my story. When I was first born I was a normal baby then I started walking and talking like a normal baby would. Then one night I just started not acting right. I lost all capability to do anything that night. I was life-flighted from New Martinsville Hospital in Wetzel county to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital to find out what was going on with me. There we met Doctor Bergman and Doctor Finegold. They did a few test at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital one of them was a spinal tap test. They did find GA1 in the spinal tap test and diagnosed me with GA1. I was put on a low protein diet back then. Back when I was diagnosed not to many people had this that we know of. I got all of my capabilities back over years and years of hard work. I had to go back to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital to see the doctors every now and then to make sure that my protein was stay down. Then I went back one day and the doctors told me I could eat whatever I wanted. So that was good. But anyway a little about GA1. GA1 is a protein disorder and the protein builds up in the body of the person that has it and damages the Brain and damages other parts of the body like the nervous system. I have no brain damage from GA1 I don't think. I think I'm pretty smart. The time first I met someone with GA1 was from my website and his name was Matt him and his family came to my school to meet me. It was fun and I will never forget it. I passed school with a 4.0 and I had a job during school. But I had teachers aids during all of school and a few special ed classes and I graduated from Valley High School in 2002. Then from there went to The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Service to get my masters masters degree in web mastering but that didn’t pan out because they didn't have that service there any longer so there for I took life skills and janitorial classes witch didn't do me any good because I was voted out of my janitorial class and made to come home because they was afraid I would fall and get hurt. Then after I came back home from there I moved to town with my cousin and I made friends with a woman and a guy named Leslie and Jay. They had 2 kids named Cady and DJ. Cady had PA also known as Propionic Acidemia I'm just going to refer to this disorder as PA and DJ had autism and after we met we was asked in 2007 to go for a bill signing in Charleston West Virginia to get new state wide newborn screening so that the doctors could catch PA and GA1 and I forget what all else earlier. We all helped get that bill passed. But after this happen I went back to college online. I went to University of Phoenix online to become a webmaster and at this time in my life I met Stormie. She had CP also known as Cerebral palsy but she was the girl I wanted to marry and the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I moved to Clarksburg with her then I dropped out of school cause it was to hard going to school and having a girlfriend that I wanted to spend time with. We live in Clarksburg for 2 years I made a movie and wrote a book about my life with GA1 whenever I was with her in Clarksburg. then we moved back to New Martinsville so that I could be near my family and friends. Then Stormie passed away and I moved back to my moms and dads because stuff just got to hard for me to handle with her passing away. I got me one them tiny houses at my moms and dads. Well lets just say I'm making into a tiny house. Now let me tell you about other stuff I'm working on I'm working on coming up with stuff for Video blogs and live videos for you guy and but for now that’s all I have to write. Thanks for reading.

I look forward to hearing from you.